Ikorodu Activation

Ikorodu Activation

We moved our activation train to Ladega market, Ikorodu 2 weeks ago. Armed with the success of Oyingbo, we went with our chest puffed out and heads held high, not in pride but with confidence.

Oyingbo had proven without a doubt that there was an enthusiastic market for LearnAM so now we were determined to spread the word. (Click here to read about our activation at Oyingbo)

Experience they say is the best teacher. Following the ‘wetting of the ground’ lesson from last time, we completed all necessary arrangements a day before to ensure that we maximize activation activities on the activation day (that’s a lot of acti-something in one sentence but it’s quickly becoming my favorite activity 😌, so please bear with me ).

Our 10 activation agents arrived Ladeja market 8am prompt in LearnAM apparel, ready to spread our gospel and the reception moved quickly from mild disinterest to intense curiosity .

I honestly don’t think I’d ever have to perfect words to describe what LearnAM does to first time users so today I’d just tell you of 3 encounters we had at the market.

We’d start with Remi.

Remi sells female slippers, handbags and accessories and she agreed to listen to us only if we would consider buying one item from her shop in return. In her words, ‘ as you wan sell your own, me too go sell my own’.

We ran through the LearmAM app with her and she immediately took interest in our digital marketing courses. When we told her she could learn in yoruba and that the courses were free, her response was ‘ É ṣe oh! Sùgbón mi o le ta ọjà mi lofe oh!’ (thank you but I cannot sell my good for free o).

We laughed and teased her with ‘Owó ni koko’ (Money is important). She later explained to us that Covid lockdown had badly affected her business but when she resumed normal market activities, some of her peers selling similar wares seemed to have an entirely different economic experience.

They kept talking about selling online and although she was familiar with social platforms, she expressed her frustration with not being able to hack sales on the platforms.

For Remi, LearmAM was her answered prayer to master something that had left her disadvantaged and a chance at business redemption just before the end of year.

Next, I want to tell you about Umaru, who sells fresh lemons on his wheelbarrow and hails from far away Minna. Like Remi, Umaru also showed particular interest in digital skills but for totally different reasons.

Umaru had arrived Lagos just this year and was terribly home sick. His enthusiasm with LearnAM stemmed from 2 things, first that he could get familiar with social media to communicate with his community back home and secondly, that the courses were taught in Hausa. His joy with learning in Hausa was not for himself but for his parents back home.

Right in front of us, Umaru placed a call to his sister and instructed her to download the LearnAM application on their parents feature phones. His sister teased him asking if he was trying to impress a new yarinya as their parents typically had no interest in these things stating the language barrier.

We watched Umaru who we had just activated, activate his sister who we’re confident would in turn activate their parents.

When I say there are no words to describe this feeling… these are the encounters that I’m referring to.

Our stories from Ikorodu would not be complete without Mr Nwadike. His excitement with LearnAM was simply that users could learn in their local languages. For him, this meant that more people could learn without the English proficiency barrier.

He commended the team for accurate translation (localization) of courses and explained that the best thing about LearnAM as far as he was concerned was people who struggled to learn either English or their native language could also use the app in mastering this because of how well translations were done and how easy it is to toggle between languages (I’m honestly fascinated with the man’s mind).

By the time we were leaving the market, we saw Mr Nwadike with a small group, teaching them how to use LearmAM in Igbo. No matter how confident you are with marketing, there are times where there is a little doubt as to whether you have gotten through to your audience or if they’re just indulging you.

To see Mr Nwadike on his own accord doing this was indeed moving sight. We decided to record a special video of him explaining how to use the application in Igbo.

Our trip to Ikorodu reinforced the lessons from Oyingbo. It showed us how our little application could have far reaching positive impacts on a personal level with our users.

When we say #learnAmByForce, this is why. These are the stories that motivate us to step out and let people know about the app and we share it with you in hopes that you’d extend the joy by telling people in your community about LearnAM as well.

Download the app, spread the word, you have no idea what personal impact this would create for your listeners.

It would be unforgivable if I do not mention at this point the beauty that is LearnAM apparel!!! the way the logo just pops! 😀

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