Quality over Everything

Quality over Everything

It’s easy to tell quality goods from inferior products. You rely on your five senses, you look to see that it matches the description, you feel to determine texture, depending on the product, you may taste, smell or even listen to it to gauge authenticity and quality, with physical products, this is the way to go but for services especially for the service of teaching, things start to get complicated. I could use the fanciest teaching aids, speak the cleanest English, dress the part, smell like lavender and still miss the mark by a mile simply because a key ingredient of quality in learning is intangible and cannot directly be measured by our 5 senses. That ingredient is. ‘Connection’ . No matter how fabulous your classroom or your virtual platform is designed, if you aren’t connecting with your students, the quality of learning in that environment is low.

Here’s a great example of how it works. Let's use my neighbors' help whose New Year's resolution is to learn tailoring as a side hustle. This is a fantastic idea buttttttttt

1.     She doesn’t have a smartphone

2.     Her grasp of English language is very weak (oral and written) – our budding entrepreneur is only fluent in Igbo

3.     She neither has money nor time to attend a physical training

As they say, theseeee are the isssuuueeesss

Undoubtedly, there are popular online platforms where she could probably use the home computer to learn this new skill but that ‘connection’ we spoke about would be missing.

1.     She may struggle with browsing the web

2.     The heavy reliance on English on the web and within these courses would be a major turn-off.

But!!!!, if she used this new application we’ve been trying to tell you about, you know, the one that launched about 4 months ago, the one that you go actually LearnAM by force because the courses are broken down into simplified modules and translated to different languages…Can you see how the picture is starting to change?

At LearnAM, she could start off with 3 main courses that cover

1.     Basic Tailoring tools

2.     How to make basic cuts

3.     How to assemble different cuts to form different designs.

Each of these would comprise short 3-5 minutes modules, further decompressing them for easy assimilation. These modules would be provided as animations or live video content in 5 different languages!!! (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, English, pidgin English) and best believe when I say that no information would be lost in translation. I can make this guarantee because at learnAM the creation process is rigorous and the QA is standardized.

Broad topics are created following our content roadmap and feedback requests received from users through our support channels.

These courses are extensively researched and split into sub-courses as seen in the Tailoring example above. These sub-courses are then broken down into comprehensive bite-sized modules ( starting from basic knowledge to advanced) for script preparation. Scripts are then generated and sent for Quality Assurance, at which stage, we’re taking out typos, cross-checking cited research , checking sentence and script structure, ensuring that the language used in communicating is not high-end but basic.

From QA, certified scripts are forwarded for language translation. After language translation, it is sent back to our language QA team to vet, from here, all certified scripts move to video creation -live or animated.

After video creation, the videos are again sent to the Language QA teams for vetting before being certified ready for the app.

How does this benefit our entrepreneurs?

1.     The courses are bite-sized, she doesn’t have to dedicate a long stretch of time she cannot afford to learn

2.     The entire application UX can be adapted to her preference, factoring in her language preference. This way, she doesn’t get overwhelmed

3.     The courses are presented in her language. She can get right to learning without concern for her English language proficiency being put to test at every turn.

4.     The courses are comprehensive and thoroughly researched.

5.     There is uniformity in the information passed because nothing is lost in translation


1.     LearnAM works just fine on her smart feature phone so she doesn’t have to try and schedule time on the home computer.

Ultimately, with LearnAM, the ‘connection’ needed for quality education is like a lighthouse, bright and clear, providing safety and direction for all who need it. Try it today.